Fire Resistance Test Setup

Technical Specifications
Outer Dimension of Fire Test Setup (LxWxH)
9x2.5x3.2 Mtr.
Test Module Size
2.6x1.8 Mtr.
Application Standard
IEC 61730 UL-790 MST- 23
Air Flow
12 MPH
Fire Resistance Class
Class-A, Class-B and Class-C

More Info

Solar panel manufacturers must be prepared to have panels evaluated and to rethink and re-evaluate products that may raise safety problems or fail fire-resistance testing to achieve full compliance under Solar PV Module Testing Equipments. Understand which rack systems and installations are compatible with your panel type after having it tested. The racking manufacturers are in the same boat. To ensure compatibility with PV panels, educate yourself with the products and new innovations in the mounting and roofing product industries.

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