Horn Performance Testing System

Super Control & Automation

Technical Specifications

Product Name
Horn Performance Testing System
Maximum Output voltage Range
0-30V DC
Maximum Output Current Range
Step Voltage of 12V Horn
9.0V, 12.0V, 13.0V & 14.5V
Step Voltage of 24V Horn
22.0V, 24.0V, 26.0V & 28.0V
Voltage Accuracy
Current Accuracy
Data Login Option
Parameter of Horn
Voltage, Current, Frequency & DB
Working Temperature Range
10°C ̴ 55°C
Working Humidity Range
0 ̴ 98% RH
Electric Power Supply Voltage
220-240V AC 50Hz

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Quality control in PV module production lines is critical for long-lasting cutting-edge products. The most important aspects of quality control are electroluminescence images, high pot testing, and power measurements. Nonetheless, these factors frequently limit the output of the production line because it was not possible to automate all processes. Super Control is a market leader in this industry, producing and selling a high-quality line of HORN Testing EQUIPMENTS, including Horn Performance testing systems and Horn Endurance testing systems.

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