Vacuum System

Super Control & Automation

Technical Specifications

Machine Model No.
Reservoir Capacity
150 Liter
250 Liter
500 Liter
800 Liter
Reservoir Body Material
Stainless Steel 304
Suction Port
2 Nos.
Air Blowing Port
2 Nos.
4 Nos.
Vacuum Pump Capacity
25 m3/h
40 m3/h
63 m3/h
100 m3/H
Vacuum Pump Model No.
R5 RA 0025F
R5 RA 0040F
R5 RA 0063F
R5 RA 0100F
Ultimate Pressure
0.1 hpa (mbar)
Vacuum Pump Capacity (Make)
Maximum Vacuum Capacity
.-99 KPA
Inlet Air Pressure
4-6 Bar (0.4- 0.6 MPA)
Vacuum Filter (Make)

More Info

In any classic die casting process, porosity is a major issue. It has a negative impact on the casting integrity, compromising quality and performance. To avoid this as much as feasible, a vacuum system is used in the pressure die casting process. Vacuum-assisted high pressure die casting, or vacuum die casting, is the name for it. Super Control is a professional vacuum casting manufacturer in Faridabad. We offer the best vacuum diecast service so that you can produce more precise and accurate parts.

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