Thermal Cycling Power Supply

Technical Specifications
Equipment Name
DC Power Supply & Thermal Cycling
Model No.
RPS-80-15-20A, RPS-100-15-18A, RPS-120-15-16A,
Outer Dimension Size : HxWxD
1445x1230x600 MM
Applicable Standard
IEC 61730-2 : 2016 MST- 51, MST- 52
Used for
Thermal Cycle and Humidity-Freeze Test
No of Out Put Channel
15 Nos. or As Per Requirement
Output Voltage
0~80V DC, 0~100V DC, 0~120V DC
Output Ampere
0~20Amp DC, 0~18Amp DC, 0~16Amp DC
Screen Display
PC Based

More Info

Thermal Cycling Power Supply IEC 61730-2 applicable standard: 2016 MST- 51, MST- 52 Power Supply with Thermal Cycling Used for Thermal Cycle and Humidity-Freeze Testing, as well as to verify the stability of solar modules under different temperature variations by identifying temperature variations that cause malfunctions such as reduced output power, open circuits, or insulation problems. Setting temperature cycling variations and corresponding voltage outputs for the temperature cycling test is a time-consuming task.

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