JeT Cooling System

Super Control & Automation
Super Control & Automation

Technical Specifications

Machine Model No.SJCS-10-2SSJCS-20-2S SJCS-20-4SSJCS-40-4SSJCS-60-4S SJCS-60-6S SJCS-96-6S
Core Pins10 Nos. 20 Nos. 20 Nos. 40 Nos. 60 Nos. 60 Nos. 96 Nos.
Cooling Output 2 Nos.4 Nos.
6 Nos.
Air Output2 Nos.4 Nos.
6 Nos.
Inlet Water Pressure
1-4 Bar (0.1-0.5 MPA)
Inlet Air Pressure 4-6 Bar (0.4- 0.6 MPA)
Discharge Water Flow Rate 16 LPM 24 LPM 24 LPM 48 LPM 72 LPM
72 LPM
120 LPM

More Info

Jet Cooling is a method specifically designed to deal with hotspots. To reduce soldering and shrinkage porosity, jet cooling equipment works with jet coolers and core pins in the mould. The Jet Cooling System for Die Casting Industries is compliant with international standards and includes spare parts.
At greater operational service temperatures, thermal fatigue of non-ferrous metal die-casting dies becomes more severe, lowering die lifespan. Die design should be handled with effective cooling methods in order to improve die longevity.

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