Horn Assembly Line

Horn Assembly

Technical Specifications

Assembly Line Name
Horn Assembly Line
Assembly Direction
Face to Face Double Side
Production Capacity
320 Horn/Hour per side
Horn Type
90 MM, 82 MM, & 72 MM Die
Line Type
Sami Auto with mistake Proofing System

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An automated assembly line employs assembly and/or process stations to produce end products for manufacturers. Robotics, conveyance, vision, or other automated technology may be used in these lines to complete production tasks in multiple stations, moving the part or product through each step in an automated production sequence. Lean automation, flexible automation, and fixed or hard automation are all examples of automated assembly lines.

AUTOMATION, PROCESS AUTOMATION SPMs, TESTING M/C, and ASSEMBLY LINE AUTOMATION are all examples of automation. We also provide a variety of services to our clients, thanks to a strong team of trained and dynamic professionals. We also manufacture a full range of assembly lines for any product, as well as online testing systems with poke yoke and industrial project automation.

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